Frequently Asked Questions:

1.  Am I Union?

No, currently I am working independently which allows more flexibility.

2.  What are your rates?

Good question.  Depends on the type of job and the market.  For example, a 30 second spot for radio in a medium to small market would be $150.  Send me your script and we can discuss!

3.  Will you audition?

Does a one legged duck swim in a circle?  Absolutely!

4.  What if I want a retake?

Retakes are no problem and no extra charge, my job is to get your spot the way you want it.

5.  How does the process work?

You email me your script, an idea of your budget and any direction for the copy, I’ll return with a quote and a partial sample of what it will sound like.  If you like it, I’ll send the full spot  (MP3) to your email along with an invoice on our previously agreed to price.  Quick, simple, easy!

6.  How should I prepare the script?

Make sure you spell out phonetically any technical/regional words,  read it out loud first to make sure your timing matches your spot (humans read faster than they speak), and check out www.writingtotherescue.com for any additional help.

7.  Will you help with writing copy?

Yes, for an additional fee I can adjust your script to meet your needs.

8.  How did you get the name Smokin?

Well, its TOP SECRET.  So as they say in the movies, if I told you I’d have to kill you.  Just kidding.